Dodge Challenger GT 2017

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The new Dodge Challenger GT 2017
A series of news regarding the new Dodge Challenger GT has come to light for this 2017, as the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) worked together to reduce the fuel consumption of its previous version.
A new Integral Traction, 3.6L V6 engine and atmospheric admission leaves a lot to the imagination with its environmental commitment. The new power of the Dodge Challenger will provide four wheel drive and one 305 horsepower input.

With the improvements that are stipulated for this vehicle seeks to achieve a fuel efficient consumption, a variation that can be significant in the integral propulsion for motorway unlike the previous one that its consumption was superior by 2.1 Liters / 100km.
It will be available in several presentations with V6 engine and V8 engine of up to 5.8L and a base price of 27,000 $. Cabin with state-of-the-art 7 ‘touch screen technology, electronic gear shift lever, high-speed stability control, start assist, high-performance sports suspension with adaptive damping system for 3 STR modes, Sport 6 Pistons and an airbag system that is integrated throughout the cab to prevent a stroke from any angle.