Kodiaq Vs CX-5 – Who wins this battle of SUV’s

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Since we are in the war of technology and finishes, what do you think is the best? The Mazda CX-5 or the Skoda Kodiaq? You do not know? Keep reading and find out who wins this competition of last generation vehicles.

You’ve probably already heard about the latest Mazda boom and its new CX-5 SUV, now it’s time for us to talk about the Kodiaq, an SUV that’s quite up to it to earn its own review.

Skoda wants to penetrate a difficult European market as the SUVs of BMW, Ford and Chevrolet dominate the market, in addition, in their country of origin Mazda has managed to make a visual rework to his CX-5 adding many characteristics so that Is a really tempting offer for end users, now, what has the Kodiaq that does not have the CX-5?

The Kodiak

The new Kodiaq is situated at a length of 4.6 meters and about 1.8 meters wide, its height is only 1.6 meters and the distance between its axes is 2.7 meters. It has a weight of a ton and a half which makes it a rather light vehicle, has a load capacity ranging from 720 liters to 2 thousand, quite routine in Skoda designs.

The Mazda SUV, on the other hand, is about 4.5 meters long by 1.8 meters wide and 1.67 meters high, the distance between its axles is 2.7 meters and is even lighter than the Kodiak Since it only weighs one ton with four hundred kilos. It can hold a load ranging from 460 liters to 1620 liters.

The Kodiaq is certainly a wise decision as it has good storage features, it is a perfect SUV to carry a large group of friends or family to a certain place, it can be mounted in it up to seven passengers.