Large armored vehicles this year

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The essential requirements of a presidential luxury car is precisely the luxurious finish and features that protect the president of the republic from any terrorist attack that may happen.

This type of special car has certain standards wherever you go, high definition television, stereo, computers and broadband internet connection and even a refrigerator are essential things that must have a vehicle of this type inside . But this is not what characterizes the presidential vehicles but the great armor and security measures that are implemented in them to avoid the death of the president, ministers and monarchs.

Here are the most expensive presidential car models in the world:

Pullman S600 (Mercedez Benz)

This limousine has an approximate cost of fifty thousand dollars, the African continent has a certain fanaticism for Mercedez automobiles and in the case of Kenya there is no exception, the vehicle that transports to the president is well identified with the national shield of Kenya and several centimeters Of armor in all its body and crystals. The engine of this beast is a 6-liter V8 along with a custom two-arm suspension system, which allows steering changes to be really smooth.

Thesis (Lancia – Italy)

This model transports great Italian political personalities, has a cost of 65,700 dollars and includes inside a refrigerator, bar, satellite positioning system, DVD player, broadband internet connection, fax system and some plush seats very luxurious .

Century Royal (Toyota – Japan)

It is used by Japanese ministers and also by members of Yakuza, who control certain aspects of the country. It has a cost of 85 thousand dollars and is heavily armored from top to bottom and from left to right, there is no area that is not armored. It is a vehicle with a powerful V12 engine with 48 valves, if you have to make a safe escape you move away from your pursuers in a matter of seconds.